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The “I Love Muscadet” badge indicates the establishments in the selection which offer at least 5 Muscadets on their wine list. To enjoy on the spot or for take away. Les Tables de Nantes 2017 avec Suppli Factory, les Brassés ou encore Gaston. The lunch menu as well as the (more elaborate) set dinner menu both offer an excellent value for money. The mostly organic wine list also explores distant lands as well as the Loire Valley. Aufstellung FC Nantes - RC Lens 1:1 (Ligue 1 2020/2021, 20. Since 2001, David Garrec, a pure Breton with a solid background (Pierre Gagnaire, Les Crayères, l’Atlantide), has been delighting big tables of families, regulars and well-informed tourists amid a bright fifties decor. The menu of sweet and savoury snacks available in the afternoon are also worth a look. As its name suggests, Marie and Marc Duquesnay’s restaurant naturally plays the eco-responsible card: 100% organic cuisine, local products, healthy recipes, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options. Das Projekt Machines de l'île in Frankreich in Nantes liegt am Schnittpunkt von Jules Vernes "erfundenen Welten", Leonardo da Vincis mechanischem Universum und Nantes' Industriegeschichte. Available for take away. In addition to its two classically decorated rooms on the first floor, the backyard reveals a superb terrace for sunny days. Meilleures Tables de Nantes. In the peaceful village of La Chapelle-sur-Erdre, chef David Guérin (a local lad, who worked for 7 years in London) and his Peruvian wife Noelia (in the dining room), propose beautifully crafted, colourful bistro style dishes influenced by the gustatory discoveries uncovered during their travels (causa limeña, ceviche, maki, falafels…). NANTES Tennis de Table souhaite de joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année à tous ses adhérents et leurs proches. Nicely presented, he accents his masterful cooking with a few exotic touches (passion fruit, smoked pepper…) from time to time. FC Nantes - Kader 2020/2021: hier findest Du Infos zu den Spielern und Trainern des Teams. Nantes Tables. Meilleures tables de Nantes , une sélection des meilleurs restaurants de Nantes. Endowed with sharp technical skills and a real commitment to Locavore and zero waste philosophies, he blends harmonious flavours based on the seasons and a bit of audacity, distinguishing himself with his lively and enticing plates and spot-on visual compositions. The reason is obvious: the welcome is warm, the menu changes regularly, the prices are moderate and the shaded terrace offers a lovely breeze in summer. For a relatively modest sum, you can enjoy delicious small bites for lunch as well as some seriously tempting pastries. While you may come to this elegant inclusive restaurant to take part in this noble social project, you will surely come back to it for the appetising, contemporary, seasonal cuisine made entirely from scratch. Their technique is precise, the combinations of flavours innovative and the dishes are a delight for eyes. When nice out, take a seat under the wisteria of the hidden terrace or check out the takeaway selection. The menu, composed of a wide array of specialties: gyozas, okonomiyaki (a kind of Japanese pancake with pork or shrimp), tori katsu (panko-crusted chicken), makis, sushi, chirashi and tempuras, is fresh, unique and extremely refined. A few steps away from Place Viarme is this relatively discreet restaurant that deserves the detour. Les Tables de Nantes support this process of promoting local products, by highlighting the most fervent defenders of Muscadet thanks to the “I Love Muscadet” distinction. Also of note are the great wines and Muscadets that make up the wine list. The short menu (also available for take away) systematically offers a vegetarian option and features seasonal and local products. Backed by his sister Anne-Charlotte in the dining room, Mathieu Pérou took over from his father as head of this family restaurant and skilfully enchants the products of his terroir (fish from the Erdre, seaweed from the Croisic, wild plants) through a gastronomic cuisine of great finesse. Facing the vineyards, Itacaré occupies a charming stone building with a clay tile roof, whose inspirations are both rustic and exotic. Fanny Joseph and her husband Champika Wijesekera, originally from Sri Lanka, have been running this little eatery near the centre of Carquefou for a few years now and offer a wide selection of burgers, salads and some bistro-style dishes. It’s an exotic journey in which we take part in by discovering tasty Russian specialties such as pirozhk (stuffed boat-shaped buns), shashlik (meat skewers), borscht and pelmeni (dumplings) in a cosy and elegant decor (parquet floor, exposed stones and bricks and modern furniture) dotted with an array of references to Russia (maps, matryoshkas). Judge for yourself: comfortable seating, courteous and efficient service at all hours, a lovely view of the Saint-Félix canal from the glazed dining room or the pleasant terrace (designed by Atelier Vecteur), an enticing seafood bar and tasty, perfectly cooked brasserie dishes, not to mention the well-stocked cellar. Les Nantais(es) ont désormais pris l’habitude de découvrir chaque année la nouvelle version des meilleures tables de la Cité des Ducs.Pour cette 10e édition, Big City Life vous annonce des nouveautés sur les Tables de Nantes 2021 et vous parle des coups de pouce du guide qui vont vous mettre appétit. The chalkboard reveals proposals befitting the eatery’s concept: a simple, fulfilling, mostly meaty cuisine with hints from here and abroad. In addition to a selection of cochonnailles tapas, the 30-year-old chef Alann Cosqueric’s à la carte menu and his 4 set menus (starting at €19) feature beautiful seasonal products showcased in classic proposals, often with modern and somewhat original touches. This crêperie has been one of Nantes’ favourite addresses for years now and the reasons are clear: a modern and coquettish decor, wonderfully selected ingredients and artisanal drinks, plus low prices. – Freshness, quality and origin of used products For lunch or dinner, sit down in the Roaring Twenties-style lounges of this chic neo-brewery to sample a cut of one of the exceptional meats aged on-site (Black Angus, Kobe, Argentine, Blonde de Galicia…), that is unless you prefer the ham and truffle coquillettes or sole meunière. “Les Tables de Nantes’ is a guide to discover local cuisine and wines in restaurants chosen by a jury of passionate volunteers (designers, wine makers, graphic artists…). On the plate, ingredients are sublimated by masterful cooking, a remarkable balance of flavours and a play of contrasts that strike a soulful chord. Come here for the lovely by-the-glass wine list, which counts no less than 50 vintages, as well as the refined bistrotière cuisine for lunch or dinner, the plates of charcutière tapas in the evening, the homemade foie gras and takeaway bottles of wine. Overlooking the Jardin Extraordinaire, it enjoys a location on the charming Hill Sainte-Anne. In the heart of the vineyard, this former wine storehouse made of stone walls houses the traditions and values dear to the auberge. Les Tables de Nantes : Retrouvez les meilleurs restaurants et bars à vins de Nantes sélectionnés par un jury de connaisseurs du milieu culinaire nantais. In the Joliverie District in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, the dynamic and warm Luciana made a (successful) bet with this brightly coloured restaurant in enticing diners to discover the cuisine of her country. During an (obligatory) trip to Trentemoult, La Civelle is undeniably the best restaurant for treating yourself. Procedure sometimes difficult to meet for some! The cosy and nicely decorated interior (antique parquet flooring, terracotta tiles, exposed beams, flowered wallpaper, subdued lighting…) will enchant those who come on winter evenings to enjoy a personalised market cuisine punctuated with a few exotic touches. In pure Spanish style, enjoy evenings filled with, In a quiet little street, between Place Royale and Rue du Calvaire, Sandrine Gallo (smiling across the room) and Étiennette Le Dref (, Across from the Natural History Museum, Véronique Bretesché, a nurse turned chef, runs this small restaurant inspired by the “bouchons lyonnais” (gingham tablecloths, dark woodwork, red ceiling, bistro furniture, stone-vaulted cellar). The menu, which mixes tradition (beurre blanc, frog’s legs in parsley) and exoticism (some Asian influences), offers an outstanding quality/price ratio. Housed in the middle of the countryside, although only a few kilometres from the airport and the Nantes ring road, this former farmhouse was bought by the Bouguenais town hall in order to develop awareness and support for peri-urban agriculture (producer-direct boutiques, educational farm, etc.). the wooden bits cut during pruning). Tabelle Statistiken Tabellenrechner Vereine Social Media Ligue 1 Schema. At this charming resort, Olivier Chaplais has been the young, new chef at the head of the restaurant since 2019, joined by his childhood friend Thomas Le Cam in the dining room. Salads, savoury tarts, dishes of the day and gourmet desserts are on the menu for a quick lunch at a low price. But that’s not all. Share this event with your friends. The wine list is equally as enticing and ecologically engaged. Red booths, iconic Thonet chairs, an old-school bar and dry-stone walls decorate this little bistro of thirty seats that has no lack of sophistication. Once upon a time, Clémence Lefeuvre, owner of a restaurant on the banks of the Loire in Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, gained notoriety for dressing the river’s fish with a sauce of vinegar, shallots, butter and pepper: beurre blanc, as any apprentice cook would know. Suivez-nous sur Instagram avec plus de 345 folowers en 2 mois ! A monument where you can sit down all day long and even late into night. In this shopping thoroughfare in the Graslin District, Chez Franklin seduces regulars and passing tourists alike with its chic and clean setting (black and brass tables, cosy upholstered grey armchairs, black-and-white checkerboard floors, Dixon lamps) and well-stocked menu of classic, filling dishes (œufs mayonnaises, flank steak, sirloin steak, carpaccio, gnocchi, burgers, profiteroles). For those who take the time to explore the surroundings of the Dobrée Museum, the dazzling chef Céline Mingam rewards you with her tantalising, comforting, exquisite and mostly wallet-friendly “bistronomic” cuisine. Spieltag) The spirit of Nantes is about open-mindness, blending, curiosity and travel… Since then the skill and know-how in agriculture has also developed and can guarantee quality and abundance while respecting the environment. Une soirée unique, gourmande et festive qui rassemble les restaurateurs de Nantes, de sa métropole et du vignoble, tous issus du guide Les Tables de Nantes ! The daily menu, which proposes 3 to 4 different starters, main courses and desserts, epitomises typically French cuisine in all its conviviality. With its own vegetable patch, this magnificent town house standing above the Sainte-Anne Hill boasts majestic views of the Loire River and Southern Nantes District. With its burgundy façade and lace curtains, this no-nonsense bistro rightfully takes its place in this former working-class suburb that was once home to Nantes’ bustling wholesale market. Here’s proof again that plant-based cooking can be truly appetising. Opened in the heart of the Mangin District of the Île de Nantes in the fall of 2017, Maud Le Gall’s crêperie honours local and international artists (from Dominique A. and Nina Hagen to Philippe K. and Joséphine B.) Behind the large picture window with its Klein blue contours and leafy green plants, a simple, elegant and friendly atmosphere emerges, combining with the relaxed service. Near the Place Royale, this a prime address for delightfully escaping to a land of legends, that of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. “Les Tables de Nantes’ is a guide to discover local cuisine and wines in restaurants chosen by a jury of passionate volunteers (designers, wine makers, graphic artists…). Imane, deaf, and Kanyaman, hearing, opened this bilingual French sign language restaurant in early 2020 to bring together the hearing and hard-of-hearing. Free-range pig’s trotters, rack of Vendée lamb, La Turballe sea bass, oxtail parmentier and rice pudding are just a few examples of the flamboyant and entirely homemade dishes that make up the menu of the famous and authentic lair of Michael Ravier, an out-of-the-ordinary wine merchant (whose amazing selection includes more than 700 wines) and excellent self-taught chef. Three adjectives that also befit the fine selection of wines. As a lover of traditional French bourgeois cuisine, he treats his clientele to generous plates full of flavours from here and beyond, always perfectly executed. Across from the Natural History Museum, Véronique Bretesché, a nurse turned chef, runs this small restaurant inspired by the “bouchons lyonnais” (gingham tablecloths, dark woodwork, red ceiling, bistro furniture, stone-vaulted cellar). Sélectionnés par le jury des Tables de Nantes pour le guide 2016, l'Archipel se trouve à la Chapelle-sur-Erdre. In total 120 addresses in Nantes, greater Nantes and the out-laying vineyards are listed. In total 120 addresses in Nantes, greater Nantes and the out-laying vineyards are listed. Right in the heart of the richly historic neighbourhood that is Île Feydeau, chef Pamela Solar, originally from Chile, traded in her gastronomic bakery to open a tapas restaurant with her partner Sébastien Mallet in 2011. This promising duo is clearly off to a good start! With his wife Delphine, Olivier Cingal (who catered to many a minister and diplomat when he was chef at the Quai d’Orsay) took over this restaurant, formerly known as “Du Bonheur Dans La Cuisine”, in 2019. For lunch and dinner, Christophe Francois unveils his “mystery” menu of heartfelt, gourmet and seasonal dishes. Gelbe Karte) 67' A. Touré (2. It’s a tradition that has been honoured since 2018 by the young chefs, Mathieu Roux and Marie Fresneau, who now lead this legendary address with their conscientious and engaged cuisine (ultra-local ingredients, respect for the reproduction cycles of fish, an adjoining vegetable patch, homemade bread, etc.). Located a stone’s throw from the Royal Square and inspired by English coffeeshops, this cosy little spot is much appreciated for its healthy lunches (pies, salads, soups…), which can be enjoyed on the spot or for take away, as well as for quick breaks with a speciality tea or coffee and a lovely slice of cake. This discreet gem alone justifies a trip to Oudon (a pretty little town near Ancenis). Inside, you will be welcomed into a simple setting (long wooden and zinc counter, exposed stone wall) to enjoy a classic bistro-style cuisine. – the welcoming quality, the decor and the atmosphere. Le Guide gastronomique Les Tables de Nantes 2021 vient de sortir. Thirsty for wine discoveries and quality products, Olivier Hodebert created this place near Loiry Park in Vertou just for that reason. A simple, no-fuss address where you can let your hair down with friends. have been building a loyal clientele of gourmets happy to discover this highly recommended and affordable address whose generous plates celebrate the terroir and its producers. “Malumbi” means “thank you” in southern Gabon, where chef Stéphanie Baudez-Bouanga is from. Download the 2021 guide Les Tables de Nantes. It’s no wonder that the students and workers of Nante’s northern districts have taken to this place for a simple lunch. Along the main street that crosses the town of Sautron, this charming town house hides a classic, consistent, fair and elegant restaurant that has been attracting a loyal clientele of regulars since 2001. Since their childhood on the Côte d’Émeraude, the two brothers who run the place, Simon and Robin (the former in the dining room, the latter in the kitchen), have developed two well known Breton passions: the, In this shopping thoroughfare in the Graslin District, Chez Franklin seduces regulars and passing tourists alike with its chic and clean setting (black and brass tables, cosy upholstered grey armchairs, black-and-white checkerboard floors, Dixon lamps) and well-stocked menu of classic, filling dishes (, This majestic early 20th-century house has an enchanting view over the River Sèvre and Clisson’s church and castle, both of which are illuminated at night. This excellent restaurant is more than enough reason to continue your journey through the vineyards beyond Clisson to the charming village of Gétigné. Download the 2019 guide Les Tables de Nantes. True imagination is at work here in creating new recipes and an ample menu composed of variations on different themes. His well-balanced, creative and humble plates are magnified by the professional service and a lovely wine list that reflects the chef’s love for Nantes’ wineries. – The culinary expertise, respect of products, proposals originality, Choose between the dish of the day or a large plate composed of a salad, quiche and soup, then top it off with a dessert of your choice. Le Voyage à Nantes est une société publique locale chargée de la promotion, Site officiel du Tourisme de Nantes Métropole. In addition, the cellar — to our great delight — boasts the region’s best wines. In the heart of the majestic Radisson Blu Hotel, in what used to be the grand entrance hall of the Nantes courthouse, now revamped into a modern lounge (neo-classical columns, high ceilings, designer furniture), this restaurant has recently streamlined its concept around the idea of shared plates. By creating the ’Les Tables de Nantes’ gourmet guide, the ‘Voyage à Nantes’ in association with Interloire (promoting Loire wines) shines the limelight on local cuisine, produce, wines and chefs. For a business lunch or a family meal, take a seat in one of the lounges, under the glass roof of the veranda or in the patio to enjoy a proper and frank gastronomic cuisine that showcases only the finest ingredients (scallops, foie gras, red mullet, etc.). The lunch menu, with its choice of gougères, is a delight for small appetites as well as small budgets. Inspired by the modernity and liveliness of the neighbourhood, the young chef has created a delicate, audacious, sharp and punchy cuisine that brings together the best local products. On the plate (and in the glass), the recipe for its original success continues to thrive: a perfectly interpreted creative locavore cuisine featuring regional producers. On sunny days, the lush terrace on the garden side of this restaurant on the Île de Nantes is a godsend. In the Canadienne (an artistic structure created by the Fichtre Collectif along the River Loire) or in the restaurant’s trendy, bright interior (glazed kitchen, comfortable seating, magnificent wooden bar…), diners go wild for the wide à la carte selection, the refined and adventurous cuisine, the amazing cellar and the friendly, professional service. When this pleasant café–restaurant–tea room is not reserved for private use, you can enjoy healthy, well-balanced dishes, rich with vegetables, that are updated every week based on the market’s findings. A joyfully colourful children’s area, a leafy terrace, playful workshops to inspire young and old alike, not to mention the enticing, seasonal, organic, simple and tasty treats served for lunch or snack time to parents and budding gourmets… Such is the winning recipe for this lively, family-oriented spot in the Olivettes District. HolidayCheck steht für geprüfte Qualität, Sicherheit und Transparenz . The flavours are delightful, the service is pleasant and thanks to the D-Vine (a machine which serves wine at the perfect temperature), you are sure to enjoy a nice selection of wines by the glass. Half snack bar, half self-serve counter, the dishes are updated every day with a choice of cold starters, quiches, desserts and a dish of the day. The service and exquisite desserts are also of note. With dishes made from scratch, fresh products and a copious brunch on Sundays, this is an address that exudes serenity and reminds us of our adventures in Ireland and Australia. Achtung: Obwohl wir jede Möglichkeit versuchen um die Richtigkeit unseres Services zu gewährleisten, übernehmen wir keine Haftung für die Nutzung unserer Daten und Informationen auf dieser Seite. Cette deuxième édition de La Nuit des Tables de Nantes aura une saveur toute particulière car le format de l’an dernier avec ces foules de gourmands qui sillonnent … Continuer la lecture de Édition 2020 Even if the façade reveals little of what lies behind it, you can enter with your eyes closed and trust in the exciting promise of this little trattoria: a one-way ticket to Italy (Puglia here), to enjoy antipasti, focaccia and above all the wonderful fresh pasta, cooked to perfection (al dente) and great with any kind of sauce. This call from the New World, is it that of the adventures of Jules Verne who was born in this building or rather the thirst for exploration of chef Benjamin Petit, who proposes a sophisticated cuisine mixing “bistronomy” and gastronomy, land and sea, and local ingredients and exotic products? The delicate and inspired cuisine revolves around simple dishes enhanced with a few spices and exotic flavours that marvellously accompany the judiciously chosen vintages from the Loire Valley. Trained at the Monte Cristo in Vertou, in Nottingham as well as at a renowned Italian restaurant in Melbourne, the young chef, Elisa Pichaud, not yet in her thirties, combines French, Asian and Italian influences in solid, engaging bistro dishes brimming with delicious delights. “Passage Pommeraye”, “Grue Titan”, “Les Machines de l’île”, “Marché de Talensac”… It’s through the names of her appetising galettes and crêpes that Roselyne honours the places and monuments which give the City of the Dukes its charm. In the heart of the charming village of Le Cellier, between Nantes and Ancenis, chef Nathalie Ciesielski and her husband Arnaud welcome you into their lovely 19th-century family home or under the stone pine tree that gently shades their peaceful terrace for a delightful pause. The courteous service and excellent composition of the wine list also merit praise. But above all, discerning connoisseurs praise their galettes that are creamy in the centre but offer the perfect amount of “crackle” around the edges. The menu changes regularly and comes with two choices for the starter and main course as well as a gourmet dessert that includes 3 mignardises served with or without coffee. Also worth mentioning is the chic, sleek decor and pleasant welcome. While Aurélie Briot’s eatery has kept the charm of the tea room it was a few years ago through its harmonious decor (herringbone parquet flooring, lovely wallpaper, aged mirror, antique chairs), it is now an honest bistro where chef Renaud Leroy offers a very intimate, healthy and aesthetic cuisine, enhanced here and there by a few Asian seasonings and adapted to the market’s offerings. French Ligue 1. Generous and always in season, the beautiful butcher cuts (cooked at low temperature in a traditional oven imported from Japan) occupy a special place (steak tartare, rib steak…). Special mention also goes to the wine list and the wise advice of sommelier Guillaume Claireau. In the peaceful village of La Chapelle-sur-Erdre, chef David Guérin (a local lad, who worked for 7 years in London) and his Peruvian wife Noelia (in the dining room), propose beautifully crafted, colourful bistro style dishes influenced by the gustatory discoveries uncovered during their travels (. That is unless you prefer the bistro menu which is available for lunch weekdays or dinner weekends. Le Grappillon not only invites you to travel but it takes you to the discover the exotic and spicy fragrances of Mauritius with its fresh and flavourful dishes. Having mastered en papillote (Papill’), he’s now attacking the skewer with this tiny restaurant. While passing through the industrial zone of Saint-Luce-sur-Loire, this is an address you will appreciate for a satisfying business lunch at an extremely reasonable price. Something between a French brewery, a Danish loft and an American diner, this local hangout for the workers and residents of the Euronantes District mixes left, right and centre. She runs this popular little eatery with its relaxed family atmosphere in the heart of the Île de Nantes. Le Voyage à Nantes place l’alimentation au . Come for more elaborate versions at night. In the peaceful suburban town of Thouaré, L’Envol is the ideal address to know. The lunchtime menus are a bit more classic, but still rich in Latin influences. Honoured with a Michelin star since 1999, his efforts have also earned him a second Gault et Millau d’Or award for 2020. The small street of Léon Blum — home to a number of excellent culinary gems — has seen a wonderful new restaurant join its ranks since 2018.

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